This is What Should Be On Your Christmas List

Today’s Episode

Yes, Christmas is right now the corner! This episode I give a short list of games and gear you should have on your Christmas list. If you missed any of these games, you should have them on your list. Also, looking for a new mouse or keyboard,  I give my recommendation too. If you do not know what you should get, this podcast episode is for you.

Also, I talk about Overwatch updates, Mass Effect, and No Man’s Sky; who decided to break their silence.  It’s all very interesting! Enjoy the show!

Gaming News Pwnd:

  • An update on the Battlefront 3 game
  • BioWare will have familiar races in Mass Effect eventually
  • Mass Effect ship will be seamless… no loading!
  • Gearbox to announce something on December 1st
  • Homefront publishers blame bad timing and poor reception for gaming doing poorly
  • Rocket League is getting Steam Workshop support
  • The final Nova Ops Pack for Starcraft 2 is out
  • Titanfall 2 first DLC pack coming next week
  • No Man’s Sky developer finally breaks it silence
  • Talking about Symmetra update
  • Games and Gear that should be on your Christmas list

Gaming Deals:

Tweetable Quotes:

Finally, HelloGames break their silence and talk about future updates.

I commend ReSpawn for doing free DLC.

Woohoo! Rocket League is getting mod support.


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