Celebrate a Techie Christmas Digital Coffee Style!

Today’s Episode

We end a techie Christmas Digital Coffee style! That means there’s a new episode on Christmas! That’s right, my gift to all my listeners is a new episode on Christmas! Enjoy this latest episode of me looking back on the year. I will share what tech and games I liked the most this year. I will go through the highs and lows of the tech, marketing, and gaming industry.  It’s been an interesting year. Full of great moments and some wild blunders. We’ve seen crazy and wondrous. Let’s hope 2017 is as great and blunderous as 2016. Here’s to another great year!

Listen to the episode below!

Show Timeline:

  • Looking back on the year
  • What was my favorite tech this year
  • What was my favorite game this year
  • The biggest tech blunders
  • What to look for in 2017

Apps/Programs to Try This Week:

Highlights from Show:

Yahoo email hack was the biggest plunder of 2016

No Man’s Sky was the biggest hype game of 2016

I’m hoping 2017 brings an end to yearly releases


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