Are you ready for round 2!

Yes, I am back with another round of awesome mods for XCOM 2. I have done an extensive search for these mods. Most are extra weapon mods, but there are some that add some fun and tactics to the game. I also found a Jedi class and Star Wars helmets. It may not go with cannon but it’s a fun time! Who does not want a lightsaber instead of a sword? Did I miss any? What mods are your favorite? Leave a comment and let’s converse!

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Mods are great. They have been since the 90s and have made many games last way longer than the developer intended them to last. Part of Battlefield 2‘s success comes from the modding community. People still play that game today. Counterstrike would not be a game without the ability to mod the game Half-Life. However, adding mods can be difficult. Here are a few ways to do it. I rank them on how difficult they are.

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This was one of the three mods created for day one download. Created by the studio that made the amazing Long War mod for XCOM, this mod adds another weapon, the SMG. It’s a no-brainer to download and great mod to keep. Now you can choose from a shotgun, assault rifle, sniper rifle, and machine gun. Options are always welcome when it comes to XCOM! Link to the mod.


Your new weapon of choice! The picture was taken by Long War Studios the mod creator.


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