Robots and Online Dating


There are plenty of articles about the horrors of online dating. It is written from the perspective of women. They are bad and shows the worst in men. However, it’s funny that there are no articles written about the hilarious adventure of a guy (trying to be a gentleman) dating. It is an adventure full of robots, no answers and wondering… What is all this chemistry talk? It’s no wonder that both sexes love and hate online dating.

Women have to endure the god awful one-liners, or the relentless offers to see a naked picture or asked to send one. It’s a wonder how we ever find each other. I am up for sending smoke signals and seeing who shows up. However, I fear that the California drought would just bring more trouble to this smoke signal plan. So, I must either try the old fashion way or endure the endless stream of dating apps that promise I’ll find the one.

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The Starbucks Effect on Tech


This seems like an odd title, and you’re right. What the hell does Starbucks have with tech? Besides social media, apps. or emojis – nothing. It’s more of an idea that sprouted forth from my caffeinated mind. People generally buy things based on convenience. Even though there could be better products out there, many people believe Starbucks is good coffee.

This is going to hurt, Starbucks is terrible coffee. You’re probably in two camps after that sentence. One, you’re questioning if I’m right; or, you’re nodding in agreement because you know it’s true. The Starbucks effect is in tech too. Most people are tech illiterate. In a world extremely reliant on tech, people do not know how these machines function. Now that I have established an interesting premise for the Google rankings, let’s move the meat of this article.

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