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This is the interview side of Digital Coffee. I hope to do this once a month and interview anybody in the tech, marketing, and gaming industry. There’s a big world out there. We should learn from it.

Today’s Episode

Coffee For Two is here! It’s going to be a once a month interview show. Yes, this is a new section of the podcast where I interview Julie LaCroix. She is a great person that helps anyone out with figuring out your career path.  It’s a great time of learning and fun. If you have listened to me for a while, I always got between sarcasm, witty, and let you learn something. Hint: You should always learn a new skill.  Life is hard, it can be rewarding too. I hope this helps and if you have anyone knows someone I should interview, let me now in the comments below. I enjoy talking to new people and learning from their experience.

Scroll down to hear the show! Enjoy!

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