Welcome Resident Evil, Nintendo Switch up the game, lawsuits, lawsuits.

Nintendo Switch

Today’s Episode

Nintendo Switch, am I the only one that things it’s Wii U 2.0? or maybe, maybe this is what the Wii U should have been. I talk about PC gaming but this is important to discuss. The relaunch of the Nintendo console is interesting. The Wii U is already out the door. I hope this is a success. Nintendo needs a success in this sector. If not, they will go the way of Sega. You can learn more about what I think about the new console in my podcast. Enjoy!

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Gamer’s Cafe sips on CES, Overwatch, and Long War 2?

sips on ces overwatch

Today’s Episode

This episode of Gamer’s Cafe sips on CES, Overwatch and more. CES is a big event and sometimes a weird one. However, there can be some great new tech coming out. AMD is releasing some promising new addition to its line and Nvidia’s new shield, 2017 looks like a very promising year. Seeing more 4k monitors is a good sign for prices to drop. Dell has an 8k monitor and some many more great game news. It does make a gamer giddy!

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It’s time for the Best of 2016 Gaming List!

2016 Gaming List

Today’s Episode

Oh, 2016. You had some memorable games this year. This episode I talk about my best of 2016 gaming list. I have my list and I did check it twice. This was the best game to come out of 2016. It was a good year for strategy and first-person shooters. I will miss 2016 because we got some great titles and the rise of VR. 2017 should tell us if VR is here to stay or a bust. Here’s to more exciting games in 2017. I think 2017 is the year of the RPG.

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The festivities begins! Plus, why I hate timed exclusives

timed exclusives

Today’s Episode

Happy Holidays everyone! It’s a great time of year. However, timed exclusives are the worst! They the scrooge of the gaming industry. I think it’s dumb and publishers need to stop doing them. Just launch everything at the same time. I do not like this update is only going to be on platform A for X number of days. It does seem publishers are saying to not buy it on the platform you prefer. I say, “no more!” Anyways, I do like the festive updates that are coming to Hitman, Overwatch and others. Keep it coming!

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This is What Should Be On Your Christmas List

Christmas List

Today’s Episode

Yes, Christmas is right now the corner! This episode I give a short list of games and gear you should have on your Christmas list. If you missed any of these games, you should have them on your list. Also, looking for a new mouse or keyboard,  I give my recommendation too. If you do not know what you should get, this podcast episode is for you.

Also, I talk about Overwatch updates, Mass Effect, and No Man’s Sky; who decided to break their silence.  It’s all very interesting! Enjoy the show!

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Overwatch is free, Ubisoft hates stories and my review of Dishonored 2

Ubisoft hates stories

Today’s Episode

Ubisoft can we talk? Ubisoft hates stories? Apparently, they do not want to write narratives anymore. I cannot remember the last game I played where the story was good. Ubisoft hates stories. They do not want to create interesting characters. The problem with gaming stories is they all seem to follow a pattern. Yes, I know there are only some many ways to write a story. However, the gaming industry is not willing to risk that much. The problem is the best stories can come from those risks. I hope they find a way to do both.

I talk about more in the podcast, find out what?

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Twitter hates ideas and BLU is spying on you

Twitter hates ideas

Today’s Episode

Twitter hates ideas. This is a problem to me. I think the best of Twitter was they allowed people to express their ideas. It didn’t matter if you were right, left, center, or didn’t care. The problem is Twitter wants groupthink. It thinks that one political ideology is right. I think that if a business uses a free speech in their policies, they do thrive. However, private businesses do not have to follow a free speech model. Twitter needs to follow its own policy and only ban those that do terrible things. Disagreeing is not one.

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I smash the Titanfall 2 review and Pharah could fly forever?


Today’s Episode

The review happened. I finally played enough of Titanfall 2 to give my review. It was an interesting game. I liked it but, you have to listen to the show to find out the rest. The interesting part I found this week was Pharah being able to fly throughout the match. They are testing it out on PTR. That could impact the game in good and bad ways. Luckily there are other heroes that could handle this. I’m fine with Blizzard testing things out in the PTR.  Lastly, that Red Alert 2 VR game looks awesome!

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BlizzCon, Overwatch new character and Battlefield 1 Review

Battlefield 1 Review

Today’s Episode

Yes, I finally played enough of Battlefield 1. In this episode, I give my Battlefield 1 review. If you want a first-person shooter that is not set in the modern or future setting this could be a game for you. Yes, I’m still playing this and Titanfall 2 and Civilization 6. I will have those reviews later. Also, BlizzCon has begun. Yes, this year we have a new character for Overwatch. This could be a great addition or break the game. I know Blizzard does a pretty good job of balance, but, I know infiltrator classes can break games. I’ve seen it happen. We will see if this is a good addition or a game breaking addition. Either way, it’s going to be interesting.

Plus, Polygon is crap. I really want to put that on. Scroll down to find out why!

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I give my Battlefield 1 Impressions. Titanfall 2 may not sell well

Titanfall 2

Today’s Episode

The numbers for Titanfall 2 appear to not be good. The analysts are saying that it will not sell well. Titanfall 2 will sell. They are not denying that they are concerned about why they released so close to Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty. This could impact the next game. I mean, there might not be one. AAA games needs to sell a certain amount of copies sold to make it worth for another game.  However, Battlefield 1 sold more than projected. Everyone is enjoying a WW1 game. Who knew we wanted to play a game about WW1. Even though there is a funny glitch, people seem to enjoy the game.

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