Senator live streams, Twitter marches to censorship and Netflix blunder

Netflix Blunder

Today’s Episode

Netflix blunder is nothing new now. This is the same thing every business is doing. Hate a specific group because it is socially acceptable. The best argument is that if you did this to any other group, that would be horrible. However, why is it acceptable to do it to white people? Netflix should be prepared for some loss in subscribers and a hit in their revenue. People will vote with their wallets. Be prepared.

Twitter looks to be marching towards censorship. This is looking more like a full control on what people can say on their network. Funny thing, when they were new, they wanted public discourse. Now, they would rather tell you it’s not good. Find out more down below.

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Tech media stop virtue signaling and Apple, Google, Facebook shut up

Tech Media

Today’s Episode

Oh, tech media, what the hell is your problem. Yes, you should not bow to all of your reader’s whims, but, berating them is not good for your business. If your readers are telling you to report on tech more than politics, that may be something to look at. If this same group grows larger and larger, then, it’s time to listen. Writing an article about how they should shut up, means you should be doing the same thing. It’s time to stop pretending you have the moral authority to tell your readers they are wrong. Stop.

This leads me to the tech companies. Stop. Your arguments are terrible about the executive order on immigration. First, it’s not a ban. Stop calling it that. Second, no, your business was started by a White American. Last, we are not a nation of immigrants and stop using that argument. We were, but how long does it take to not be an immigrant?

Find out more down below.

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Facebook less personalized and why the media hates facts, logic, speech?


Today’s Episode

Facebook is doing it again! They are copying Snapchat, but, really, just taking Instagram stories and putting it on Facebook. So, they are copying, the copy. They are putting new ads in Messenger and doing away with a personalized trending topic. It’s an interesting move for Facebook. I really do not know what to think about this. Then we have Ellen K. Pao. If you do not know her, she is the former CEO of Reddit. She’s back on the censorship train. She is calling on Jack to ban the President from Twitter. The funny part is she disabled comments on her Medium post. Find out what I have to say about this and more!

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Vine is dead, Twitter sells Fabric, Evernote updates and more


Today’s Episode

This week we say goodbye to Vine as a social network. It will only live as a camera app now. It’s not surprising given that Twitter did not put enough resources into it after the initial buy. The main culprit was live video. Live video eclipsed Vine as the preferred media for social media companies to invest in. This is Twitter’s way of finding a path to profitability. It has not done that yet. Will you use Vine Camera?

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Facebook combats fake news, Twitter dashboard gone and photos with fingers

Twitter dashboard

Today’s Episode

Twitter is on a roll. Not a good one, though. They announced Twitter dashboard will shut down. Yes, the dashboard app seemed interesting. Allowing brands and businesses to monitor, tweet and schedule all in one app. 2017 is not starting off on the right foot for Twitter. It was a business decision, but, maybe Twitter should focus on Twitter. No more other apps, just Twitter. Let’s hope Twitter finds its way.

However, Facebook is finding a way to repair its relationship with publishers and reports. They have launched a new project dedicated to journalism. This gives them tools and a better way to live stream. It should be interesting to see if this pays off.

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I travel down the rabbit hole of CES 2017, full of weird tech.

CES 2017

Today’s Episode

It’s January and that means CES is back! CES 2017 seems to be about the smart fridges and convincing people about making their homes smart. It’s bigger this year. LG and Samsung are trying to persuade people into an always-connected life. Will people buy into it, is the question. There are some grave security questions about always connected devices. None of the companies seem too concerned about it either. This security concern does warrant me to hold off until they address this issue. No one should have their TV or fridge hijacked and told to pay money for it. However, I am hopefully these companies will wise up and invest time and money into it. This is the best way to get more customers and ensure they stay loyal.

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Today’s Tech News and Looking for a Bright Tech Future

tech future

Today’s Episode

Well, look at that, 2016 is almost done. Isn’t it glorious? Yes! This episode is going to be looking ahead to the tech future! Plus, some tech news. I will look back at what happened in 2016 and what I want to see in 2017. There are just some things that need to die… Flash! Please finally go away! Plus, these dubious bullying rules and “fake news.” I’m looking at you Facebook and Twitter. I want these social networks to stop policing and get rid of tailoring feeds. Tailored feeds are what got us into this hyper drama culture we face. I always think fake news is subjective to the person. We want to believe in what most people deem true. Now, that doesn’t mean I don’t think there aren’t some universal truths. I’m tired of one side calling the other side’s reporting fake. That’s not a debate and we need to be open to the opposing opinion. However, I do concede there are some sites that do misleading headlines and poor research skills, but, that is a minority. Let’s hope some of this gets resolved in 2017!

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Celebrate a Techie Christmas Digital Coffee Style!

techie christmas digital coffee

Today’s Episode

We end a techie Christmas Digital Coffee style! That means there’s a new episode on Christmas! That’s right, my gift to all my listeners is a new episode on Christmas! Enjoy this latest episode of me looking back on the year. I will share what tech and games I liked the most this year. I will go through the highs and lows of the tech, marketing, and gaming industry.  It’s been an interesting year. Full of great moments and some wild blunders. We’ve seen crazy and wondrous. Let’s hope 2017 is as great and blunderous as 2016. Here’s to another great year!

Listen to the episode below!

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Battlefield 1 & Rainbow Six Siege updates, your Christmas list

Christmas list

Today’s Episode

Christmas is almost here! If you’re scrambling for a Christmas list full of games, this is for you! It’s hard to know which games are good and which ones to avoid. This goes for people not in the know with the gaming industry. Not every game is alike, and some, are downright awful. I here to help! The games I choose are a good mix or different genres. They are top AAA games and some independent games. 2016 was a great year. Here’s to an interesting 2017!

Scroll down to hear about my list.

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Talking about AMD, Evernote, Twitter, and Internet of Things


Today’s Episode

AMD finally unveiled their newest CPUs. AMD seems to be on the rise and their stocks have been doing very well. The RYZEN processors have a chance to take on Intel. We won’t know how good or bad these chips are until 2017. It looks like AMD is getting back to their competitive form next year. It started this year with their RX 400 series graphics cards. 2017 is shaping out to be a great year in CPUs.

Find out more below.

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