Amazon Prime Day a hit and the latest in marketing news


Today’s Episode

It’s an interesting time in marketing. We are moving closer and closer to a multi-strategy based upon sight and sound. There will be other avenues, but, this is where the new frontier is at. Amazon helped start this at the home and the battle is heating up. Find out why this is exciting here!

Show Timeline:

Yesterday was the biggest Prime Day ever!
The top YouTube ads last month
You can now remarket to YouTube
You can now message your customers through My Business
Facebook is testing ads for its Marketplace
Facebook is doing News-Feed like ads in Messenger
Facebook is testing out a gif maker on iOS
LinkedIn is finally doing native video
More customer are buying through voice
Snapchat has a partnership with Formula One
Snapchat is betting on location
Keep yourself sane when marketing
Highlights from the Show:

The biggest Prime Day for Amazon. Woohoo!

Facebook is trying to be the everything of the internet or the new internet.

It will be interesting to see how much investors get wrong about Snapchat.

The best way to keep sane is to prioritize.