Adobe goes to the Max and Microsoft hearts, Teams!

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Adobe announced the new update for their Creative Cloud. Some of it was cool, but the best updates, Project Felix. This new program will help use 2D/3D pictures to create something photo realistic. This is great news for graphic designers. Yes, fewer hours of making it perfect. There more updates that I discuss in the episode. Microsoft is taking on Slack. Their new program Microsoft Teams is all about teams.  Everyone in the business world does have to work for a team(s). Unless, you host your own podcast. Microsoft saw Slack taking people away from Skype. It was the go-to business communication tool. It’s great that there is more competition.

I do not see people using this unless they are team Microsoft. If you are not using Office, it is not the program for you. If this is a great product, Microsoft will have people not hating them too much. Let’s be honest, they deserved most of the ire.

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Tech News Decoded:

  • You can beat facial recognition with 22 cent sunglasses
  • Uber redesigns it app
  • So, the Macbook Pro…
  • IFTTT ditches recipes for applets
  • Microsoft launches Flow
  • Adobe updates its Creative Cloud
  • Microsoft finally unveils Microsoft Teams
  • Project Nimbus may be the next Lightroom
  • Project Felix helps make photos realistic
  • Facebook revenue is up, thanks to blocking ad blockers
  • has 40 million people using it
  • Gfycat acquires GIF Brewery
  • LinkedIn lets you know if your pay sucks
  • LastPass goes free for any device

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Tweetable Quotes:

The most interesting things Adobe announced, was Project Felix

LinkedIn will tell you if your pay sucks… I’m sorry.

All you need to do is make 22 cent sunglasses to trick photo recognition.


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