It’s time for the Best of 2016 Gaming List!

2016 Gaming List

Today’s Episode

Oh, 2016. You had some memorable games this year. This episode I talk about my best of 2016 gaming list. I have my list and I did check it twice. This was the best game to come out of 2016. It was a good year for strategy and first-person shooters. I will miss 2016 because we got some great titles and the rise of VR. 2017 should tell us if VR is here to stay or a bust. Here’s to more exciting games in 2017. I think 2017 is the year of the RPG.

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Today’s Tech News and Looking for a Bright Tech Future

tech future

Today’s Episode

Well, look at that, 2016 is almost done. Isn’t it glorious? Yes! This episode is going to be looking ahead to the tech future! Plus, some tech news. I will look back at what happened in 2016 and what I want to see in 2017. There are just some things that need to die… Flash! Please finally go away! Plus, these dubious bullying rules and “fake news.” I’m looking at you Facebook and Twitter. I want these social networks to stop policing and get rid of tailoring feeds. Tailored feeds are what got us into this hyper drama culture we face. I always think fake news is subjective to the person. We want to believe in what most people deem true. Now, that doesn’t mean I don’t think there aren’t some universal truths. I’m tired of one side calling the other side’s reporting fake. That’s not a debate and we need to be open to the opposing opinion. However, I do concede there are some sites that do misleading headlines and poor research skills, but, that is a minority. Let’s hope some of this gets resolved in 2017!

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Celebrate a Techie Christmas Digital Coffee Style!

techie christmas digital coffee

Today’s Episode

We end a techie Christmas Digital Coffee style! That means there’s a new episode on Christmas! That’s right, my gift to all my listeners is a new episode on Christmas! Enjoy this latest episode of me looking back on the year. I will share what tech and games I liked the most this year. I will go through the highs and lows of the tech, marketing, and gaming industry.  It’s been an interesting year. Full of great moments and some wild blunders. We’ve seen crazy and wondrous. Let’s hope 2017 is as great and blunderous as 2016. Here’s to another great year!

Listen to the episode below!

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Battlefield 1 & Rainbow Six Siege updates, your Christmas list

Christmas list

Today’s Episode

Christmas is almost here! If you’re scrambling for a Christmas list full of games, this is for you! It’s hard to know which games are good and which ones to avoid. This goes for people not in the know with the gaming industry. Not every game is alike, and some, are downright awful. I here to help! The games I choose are a good mix or different genres. They are top AAA games and some independent games. 2016 was a great year. Here’s to an interesting 2017!

Scroll down to hear about my list.

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Talking about AMD, Evernote, Twitter, and Internet of Things


Today’s Episode

AMD finally unveiled their newest CPUs. AMD seems to be on the rise and their stocks have been doing very well. The RYZEN processors have a chance to take on Intel. We won’t know how good or bad these chips are until 2017. It looks like AMD is getting back to their competitive form next year. It started this year with their RX 400 series graphics cards. 2017 is shaping out to be a great year in CPUs.

Find out more below.

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The festivities begins! Plus, why I hate timed exclusives

timed exclusives

Today’s Episode

Happy Holidays everyone! It’s a great time of year. However, timed exclusives are the worst! They the scrooge of the gaming industry. I think it’s dumb and publishers need to stop doing them. Just launch everything at the same time. I do not like this update is only going to be on platform A for X number of days. It does seem publishers are saying to not buy it on the platform you prefer. I say, “no more!” Anyways, I do like the festive updates that are coming to Hitman, Overwatch and others. Keep it coming!

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Pebble is no more and Fitbit you suck for your deal


Today’s Episode

The rumors were swirling for weeks about Pebble being acquired. Well, their tech was acquired. That means there no more Pebbles. Fitbit bought the tech and engineers but did not care about anything else. This means Pebble is refunding all the Pebble Time 2 and Pebble Core. It’s sad to see a small company with a pretty good product go under. It’s even worse to see another company not care brand or old products. Fitbit is going to make some enemies. Time will tell if this was a good deal for Fitbit.

Find more down below!

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Pinterest Showcases and what the Web 3.0 might be

Web 3.0

Today’s Episode

The web is an everything changing environment. We are in 2.0 and now web 3.0 is upon us. It seems to be more about voice search and AMP. This could change, but, we are in an interesting. Yes, everything changes quickly; sometimes more so than we want. I go through why you need to know this and at least look into it. Also, Pinterest launched a new feature called showcase. This allows brands to showcase boards that may not be performing well and products your selling on Pinterest. I like this new feature. I think this could help brands show off their best content. This could bring more engagement to brands if they do it right. If you have not seen it yet, then you don’t have a business page. You should probably get on that.

Anyways, on with the show!

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Talking about the Game Awards, Overwatch, Rocket League, and more!

Game Awards

Today’s Episode

The Game Awards was on Thursday. I did not see it because I was busy. I do think most people do not watch this because of many reasons. They seem to be like all the other awards shows out there. I rarely watch any of them. Why? I really don’t care about the awards. It’s nice when a game you like get recognition, but, gamer’s play games. We care about reviews. That’s really about it. Award shows are for the industry. They may have been for the gamers at one time, but, gaming is mainstream now. Oh well, game on!

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Your Guide To A Techie Christmas: Mice and Keyboards

a techie chritmas

Tis the season! It can be hard to shop for a techie or you are new to this.  Yes, this is a guide for a Techie Christmas. This is a list of items to buy for those techies in your life. They are a special breed. This year, do not go last minute shopping for that perfect gift. Let me do the hard work for you! Let’s get started!

Mice and Keyboards:


The all important mouse. This is the main device for any techie. It is also difficult to choose between the various different options. Should you go with a wired mouse or a wireless one? Which company has the best mouse? Should I get one that lights up? What does DPI mean? I know, there’s a lot of options. Let’s get started!

Wired Mice:

Logitech G Pro Gaming:

This is my favorite mouse. I have used it since it was released and Logitech has done a great job of making a gaming mouse. There are a few buttons on this mouse, but, it makes up for it on the DPI or dots per inch. You can change in on the fly from 200 to 12,000 DPI. I feel like my game has stepped up since I got this mouse. Also, it’s really light. This mouse weighs 4.6 ounces. The price is $70. It is a little steep for a lack of button support. However, this is going to be the best choice for gamers and techies alike.

Corsair Gaming Sabre Gaming Mouse:

Corsair’s gaming mouse is similar to what Logitech is offering. However, the main differences are the price and DPI. The DPI is 10,000 instead of 12,000. The price is about 30 less than Logitech’s gaming mouse. This gives the Corsair a competitive edge. If the Logitech mouse it a little too much out of your budget, then, this mouse is for you.

Razer DeathAdder Chroma:

Razer also has a mouse similar to the other two. This one is about the same price as the Logitech, but, has only 10,000 DPI. If you love Razer this is a great mouse to get. It has almost all the same features as the other two.

Wireless Mice:

Logitech Wireless Marathon Mouse:

Sometimes you cannot use a wired mouse. They do have a fatal flaw… their cable. Yes, it is usually better to game with them and using them for work is beneficial if the cord can reach from your computer to your hand. This Logitech wireless mouse is a good choice. This is more for the techie and less gamer person in mind. If they are a gamer, this would not be the best for them. However, it will work for your day-to-day work.


Razer rarely makes inexpensive mice. They are known more of their gaming mice, but, this mouse can do both. It has the highest DPI in the list. The DPI is at 16,000. Battery life is at 20 hours and it has an adjustable click force technology. This is not a cheap mouse; coming in at $150.00, you’re going to be paying for it.


Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500:

The best value for a wireless mouse. The Microsoft mouse is best suited for work and it is handy for those on the go. The battery lasts about 12 hours and it is the lightest mouse on the list.If you know a techie that is all about business, this is the mouse for them.


Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse:

This is the most interesting design on the list. The Logitech wireless mouse has two mouse wheels. The best part is the battery. Logitech claims the battery will last for 40 days with one charge. That’s great for those that forget to charge their tech every day. Yes, some techies do forget. It’s not the most expensive mouse on the list and the advantage is with the battery. This is great for a person that likes not having to charge the mouse every day and can use it for a long time.



Another important part of building or even being a techie. The right keyboard can help quite a bit. There are many different kinds of keyboards. To some techies, a keyboard can be part of the whole “status symbol” for your desktop. It’s not a bad thing, it can be confusing to people new to this or shopping for their techie friends or family. Here’s my list.

Mechanical Keyboards:

Corsair STRAFE RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard:

This is my top pick for keyboards. I love this keyboard. It is sturdy build. The keys are not very loud. It has a USB pass-through port. This allows someone to use it for their mouse or phone. It also has an anti-ghosting key technology. This registers each key press for more precise gaming or typing. There is a wrist-rest that is detachable as well. You can change the color of the keyboard too. I have enjoyed use this keyboard with the Logitech Pro Gaming mouse. It’s not a cheap keyboard. The keyboard will set you back $140.00.


Logitech G610 Orion:

Another great gaming keyboard. This has easy media controls. This keyboard is for those that love media and gaming. The keys are durable and Logitech claims you each key can be hit 50 million times. That’s a lot of double jumping or manipulating photos or video. The Corsair keyboard has more options, but, this keyboard is another great choice. It does have a customizable color scheme too.


SteelSeries Apex M800:

This is one of a unique design. The SteelSeries keyboard has a large spacebar. They claim it is for speed. That remains to be seen, but, it does look like it is designed to be helpful. The backend of the keyboard is angled up for ease of use. It has two USB ports for users to put their mouse or phone. It has the anti-ghosting keys, but, most do now. It’s not a cheap keyboard. The price for it is $200.00. However, it is the holidays, so, there will be deals!


Razer BlackWidow Chroma Clicky Mechanical Gaming Keyboard:

You could not have a list without Razer. Gaming and Razer go together so well. The BlackWidow is a great keyboard for your gamers. It’s even better with other Razer gear. It has an inter-device syn. This allows other Razer products sync the colors together. Sometimes gamers like to sync their colors. Like the rest, you can customize what colors show and how they do it. It’s a good, durable keyboard with an SDK for developers. Like the other mechanical keyboards, this is not cheap. The price is $169.99.


Wireless Keyboards:

There are times when a wired keyboard will not work. Usually, it is the length of the cable. Even though wired keyboard has a better response rate, they have their limitation. For those that cannot afford or detest wires. Here’s a short list of great wireless keyboards to use!


This is for those that love typewriters. This wireless keyboard is useful for desktop, laptops, and tablets. This is a mechanical keyboard. If you know someone that loves typewriters and wishes they had something like that, this is the keyboard for you. I do like the versatile nature of this too. It is bulky, so the weight is a problem. The price is going to set you back.  The price is $349.99. Yes, it is steep.


iClever Ultra Slim 3:

This is a very slim keyboard. It is very portable too. The keyboard also lights up, like mechanical keyboards, above. The keyboard has a USB port on the keyboard which comes in handy. It has a dual mode. That means it can switch between Bluetooth or wired connection. If you are, a friend or loved one is always on the go, this is a great keyboard to get. The price of the keyboard is $59.99.


Logitech Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard:

Logitech has made an interesting keyboard. This keyboard has a 3 port switch to switch between different devices. Some of the buttons have multifunction. You can put a mobile phone and a tablet on the keyboard. It works with Android, iOS, Windows and Mac. It’s the most versatile keyboard and a great choice for people that use multiple devices. The price is $49.99. It’s a moderate price for what you get out of it.


Microsoft Wireless All-In-One Media Keyboard:

This is a good lightweight keyboard. It’s great for sitting on the couch and using your TV as your monitor. The Microsoft keyboard is also good with media. If you are looking for a gift for someone that loves media, this keyboard is for them. It’s another keyboard that is not going to break the bank. The price is $39.95.


What do you think? Did I miss any great mice or keyboards? Tell me in the comments below.


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