Is it time to rethink the Brand Voice?

Brand Voice

Today’s Episode

Businesses care about their brand voice. It is the only thing customers know about the brand… usually. This is the way the company conveys its message to the world.  Businesses spend hours on getting it right. However, have we gotten it all wrong? This election shows always being sorry for any perceived outrage may not be the best strategy. Maybe, just maybe, we marketers need to branch out and have a slight offending voice. We all know we cannot please everyone. Businesses do try, but, fail at it all the time. Pleasing everyone is never a great strategy. Losing customers is not either, but, you will lose some customers. I have never seen any business keep all their customers. The reason is, not all of their followers are loyal customers. They may be a one time purchase. It’s important to know that and work to make a brand voice that speaks to your loyal customers.

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This is What Should Be On Your Christmas List

Christmas List

Today’s Episode

Yes, Christmas is right now the corner! This episode I give a short list of games and gear you should have on your Christmas list. If you missed any of these games, you should have them on your list. Also, looking for a new mouse or keyboard,  I give my recommendation too. If you do not know what you should get, this podcast episode is for you.

Also, I talk about Overwatch updates, Mass Effect, and No Man’s Sky; who decided to break their silence.  It’s all very interesting! Enjoy the show!

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Twitter Bans It’s Own CEO? Plus, More Tech News!

Twitter Bans

Today’s Episode

Oh, the Twitter bans strike again! This time they ban their own CEO. I find this poetic justice for all the random bans they’ve been throwing out lately. People with the wrong idea get banned. Twitter, remember you became popular because of the idea of free speech. People flocked to these sites to share their ideas. Now, not all ideas are good, but, that’s not the point. Twitter, it’s fine if you ban people for acts of violence of the threat of violence. However, banning people because they are not part of the left is ridiculous. It’s time to stop the madness and let people think for themselves. I do not care if you are right or left, I want the ability to share without worrying about being banned. That’s ridiculous.

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Overwatch is free, Ubisoft hates stories and my review of Dishonored 2

Ubisoft hates stories

Today’s Episode

Ubisoft can we talk? Ubisoft hates stories? Apparently, they do not want to write narratives anymore. I cannot remember the last game I played where the story was good. Ubisoft hates stories. They do not want to create interesting characters. The problem with gaming stories is they all seem to follow a pattern. Yes, I know there are only some many ways to write a story. However, the gaming industry is not willing to risk that much. The problem is the best stories can come from those risks. I hope they find a way to do both.

I talk about more in the podcast, find out what?

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The First Episode of Coffee For Two: I Interview Julie LaCroix

Coffee For Two

Today’s Episode

Coffee For Two is here! It’s going to be a once a month interview show. Yes, this is a new section of the podcast where I interview Julie LaCroix. She is a great person that helps anyone out with figuring out your career path.  It’s a great time of learning and fun. If you have listened to me for a while, I always got between sarcasm, witty, and let you learn something. Hint: You should always learn a new skill.  Life is hard, it can be rewarding too. I hope this helps and if you have anyone knows someone I should interview, let me now in the comments below. I enjoy talking to new people and learning from their experience.

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Twitter hates ideas and BLU is spying on you

Twitter hates ideas

Today’s Episode

Twitter hates ideas. This is a problem to me. I think the best of Twitter was they allowed people to express their ideas. It didn’t matter if you were right, left, center, or didn’t care. The problem is Twitter wants groupthink. It thinks that one political ideology is right. I think that if a business uses a free speech in their policies, they do thrive. However, private businesses do not have to follow a free speech model. Twitter needs to follow its own policy and only ban those that do terrible things. Disagreeing is not one.

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Facebook changes ethnic affinities and Learning from GrubHub’s mistake


Today’s Episode

Oh, GrubHub. This is not your week. The CEO needs better training from his PR team. This will be one of the worst blunders the company has done. I know you may not like political ideologies, but, having people not agree with you is a good thing.  He should have seen this as a strength and not made it look like his employees that voted for Trump should quit. This should be a lesson for everyone. There is some backlash from his email. No one is immune to this. Anyways, Periscope is making some interesting moves. I like where they are going. They have not been competing well against Facebook Live. I hope Twitter is getting focused on what it does best. We shall see if this all pays off.

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I smash the Titanfall 2 review and Pharah could fly forever?


Today’s Episode

The review happened. I finally played enough of Titanfall 2 to give my review. It was an interesting game. I liked it but, you have to listen to the show to find out the rest. The interesting part I found this week was Pharah being able to fly throughout the match. They are testing it out on PTR. That could impact the game in good and bad ways. Luckily there are other heroes that could handle this. I’m fine with Blizzard testing things out in the PTR.  Lastly, that Red Alert 2 VR game looks awesome!

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This is the new normal. They build it up and put ads on it.


Today’s Episode

Social media and ads are part of the game. Facebook and LinkedIn are open the floodgates on their messaging services. If you are tired of ads, well, you have to accept them more. Good or bad this is the new normal. We at the point of social media where they are established and looking for more revenue. It part of the business and we are just along for the ride. Plus, the election happened. People are leaving for one person. The past 8 years people were fine and now, they freaking out. Without knowing if he will be a good or bad president, many people have made up their mind. Rational thought is premium. I do not understand why? Just remember to breath. Just breath.

Anyways, on with the show.

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Bullets, Titans and Parkour:Titanfall 2 Review

Titanfall 2 Review

Titanfall 2 Review:

Titanfall, welcome back. The first game was an interesting mix of foot soldier and titan. It was the start of jetpacks and parkour. This led Call of Duty to do the same. There were some problems with the game; mainly the campaign being multiplayer only. That makes playing the game alone, incredibly hard. The player base was split due to the DLC and made people playing it dwindle. However, that is the past and this is now. Can Titanfall 2 rise above the other shooter titans Battlefield and Call of Duty? Does this game improve upon the first one? Let’s find out!

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