The Reason Why You Should Have A Diverse Social Media Plan

Social Media Plan

Today’s Episode

Social media plans are important for any business, brand, or personality.  It’s good to have a goal or plan for your business. Social media companies are fickle and they change all the time. It’s a good strategy to be on more than one social network. However, not being on every social network. The biggest reason for this is any of these sites can shut down. They can  pivot and do something different. There is no guarantee that the platform will not change or be there for a long time. It is unknowable. However, the site you can control is your own website. This is your best asset and something you need. Your website is the place you call home. Treat your home well.

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I give my Battlefield 1 Impressions. Titanfall 2 may not sell well

Titanfall 2

Today’s Episode

The numbers for Titanfall 2 appear to not be good. The analysts are saying that it will not sell well. Titanfall 2 will sell. They are not denying that they are concerned about why they released so close to Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty. This could impact the next game. I mean, there might not be one. AAA games needs to sell a certain amount of copies sold to make it worth for another game.  However, Battlefield 1 sold more than projected. Everyone is enjoying a WW1 game. Who knew we wanted to play a game about WW1. Even though there is a funny glitch, people seem to enjoy the game.

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Talking about the DDoS attack, bullying and AT&T/Time Warner deal


Today’s Episode

The DDoS attack is a wake-up call. This happens quite a bit in the gaming industry. DDoS seems to happen monthly. However, seeing this happen on a bigger scale is scary. The other problem is terrible security for wearable technology. These companies are sacrificing security for speed and ease. People want things to be fast. However, speed sometimes is not the best outcome. We need a better option. I do think that AI could help with that. I know this is a touchy subject. Movies have shown the darker side of AI. However, I think it could help with the problem. The problem is the sophistication of the DDoS. It’s going to get worse, but, I believe we can find a better way.

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Respawning and fighting in the Great War: Battlefield 1 Review

Battlefield 1

The battlefield series is well known for its vehicle combat, squads, and destruction.  These are the hallmarks of the series. It’s great fun when your team works together. It’s frustrating when it’s not. DICE has always created battlefield a delicate mix of frustration and joy. Battlefield one builds on this formula, but, does not follow in Call of Duty footsteps. Battlefield 1 takes place during the Great War, World War 1.

Is this a game worth playing? Should developers make more games in the era? Let’s find out! The system I used to play this game is an i7 2700 with 16 GB of RAM, 4 TB hard drive and Nvidia 960 graphics card. I used an AOC gaming monitor, Logitech Gaming Pro mouse, and Corsair keyboard.

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Live-Streaming is big and how to handle a bad boss

Live Streaming

Today’s Episode

Live Streaming is showing great potential for businesses. It’s also scaring the TV news media. The Presidential Debates showed an increased interest watching these debates live and online.  The rise of live streaming was quick. In a few years, we saw several companies pushing into this new form of media. We will soon see the leaders. Marketers, it’s important to find out which platform is the best fit for your brand and company. There’s also new data on location-based data. This has some interesting insight into where you should advertise. What companies you should partner with and more! It shows off how important this will be in the near future.  Also, Facebook has released new CTA buttons. This is just in time for the holidays. It’s time to experiment with these buttons. Find out which ones works best for your business. I’ll be testing out, “Shop Now.” I am selling some great products on my store. Find out more below.

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Red Dead Redemption 2 announced. BF 1 and Civ 6 out now and more

Red Dead Redemption 2

Today’s Episode

RockStar finally announced Red Dead Redemption 2. The first game was a great ride. It was one of the best western games out there. However, they need to bring this game to the PC. The first one never made it to the PC. It was a sad and a missed opportunity. I’m hoping they will bring this game to the PC at a later date. If they do not, then, that’s just a dumb strategy. Plus, BF1 and Civ 6 are out now.

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Taking the politics out of tech and clown porn


Today’s Episode

Oh, politics. You rear your ugly head. The tech industry and the tech media have been terrible about being balanced. They always go to for the extreme left. I do not condone only subscribing to one side. However, California is blue. Yes, we are depressed but democrat/progressive/regressive. That means talking about race, gender, sexual orientation. It’s an odd obsession. I want a balance. I did not start this because of that. I started to share my knowledge. However, I cannot sit by and watch a giant group-think happen. I want a balance but, San Francisco is not. Anyways, I talk about a new stat about clown porn. Ladies, I’m concerned.

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Why Your Content Matters More Than Your Words

content matters

Today’s Episode

In marketing, content matters. It’s important. It matters how you treat potential candidates. In the long run, they could be your future customers. That’s if you treat them well. If you don’t, they will never and tell their friends not to go there. It’s important that your content is consistent with your words. HR people please stop writing words without looking at what you are saying. However, Google is updating their platforms. They are making sure every program/platform is material design. This is not a bad policy. It’s going to make it look better and make analytics better to read.

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Overwatch Spooky Loot, New Character Leak and Battlefield 1 Early Access

Battlefield 1 Early Access

Today’s Episode

Battlefield 1 Early Access. I really do not like EA is doing, but, who’s surprised about this. I am excited for Battlefield 1. It looks like the best one of the series. It’s an interesting time because we are seeing the Halloween loot from popular games.  Blizzard has a leak on their new character. Sombra seems like an interesting character. We’ve got a picture, but, I’m interested to see what her abilities are going to be. We are beginning the holiday season of gaming. This is going to be interesting!

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Note 7 Is The Worst And Facebook Loves Work And Ads

Note 7

Today’s Episode

This has not been the best week for the Note 7. It seemed Samsung had it all under control. However, they now have to halt production to figure out what is going on. This looks bad for the brand and will probably sink the brand for a while. However, Facebook thinks professionals want their Workplace platform. Plus, they want to put ads in groups. I mean, what the hell? Can you not put ads in everything? Nope!

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