Twitter: Be Consistent


I do not have a problem Twitter banning people. They are a private/public company. They have to protect their brand. Their responsibility is to their reputation. Twitter is in a bad situation. They are a short-form social network. User growth has been flat for months. It’s not looking good for Twitter. However, does that mean you should ban people you do not agree with? Twitter thinks so.

The problem: Twitter keeps saying it’s a beacon for free speech. No, you’re not. Honestly, this is not free speech. Twitter and others are doing worse in Europe:

Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Microsoft sign EU hate speech code

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Microsoft agree to remove hate speech across the EU

Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Microsoft agree to EU hate speech rules

There’s a persistent clampdown on speech abroad. Twitter, Facebook, Google and others are making sure people do not talk the problems Europe is having with crime and the refugees.

[Tweet “My problem is Twitter keeps talking about how they want to preserve free speech.”]

My problem is Twitter keeps talking about how they want to preserve free speech. Milo is the latest in Twitter’s lack of consistency. Twitter banned him for being on the wrong side of the political spectrum. I do not care what political leaning the CEO ascribes to. It affects the business. Twitter, you’re not apolitical. If Twitter does act on its own policies most of these would be considered harassment. However, they are not. If you are going to have rules/guidelines; be consistent. I’m using Leslie Jones because she did targeted harassment.

Screenshot (19)

The Free Speech Problem:

I don’t think Leslie Jones understands free speech. I’m referring to what the constitution states. The constitution protects hate speech. The courts have defended unsavory speech. The reason: they wanted good speech protected. You cannot give an individual unfettered judgment over what is “good” and “bad” speech.

However, businesses are not the government. The first amendment does not apply to them. They are not bound by it. Unfortunately, most Americans do not understand what the First Amendment. We blindly think free speech is only speech we agree with. We need to understand the only speech that is not protected is the one that incites violence.

[Tweet “You cannot give an individual unfettered judgment over what is “good” and “bad” speech.”]

List of United States Supreme Court cases involving the First Amendment 

I am using Wikipedia because they have links to the court cases.

The Elephant in the Room:

The biggest problem I have with Jack Dorsey is this relationship he has with Deray Mckesson. They have been on a Recode talk. Twitter has given donations to his bid for Mayor of Baltimore.

Netflix, YouTube, and Twitter donate to Black Lives Matter activist’s mayoral campaign  

This is a conflict of interest. Twitter seems biased or compromised in this matter. It’s time for them to acknowledge this fact.

[Tweet “This is a conflict of interest.”]

I do not mind if Twitter is a left-leaning social network. I would not agree with their direction, but, it’s not my company. Facebook is the same way. They are both lying to everyone about their objectivity. The evidence does not support the claim.

You Get a Ban, You Get One, Everyone Gets a Ban!

This is the most damning part of Twitter’s weird banning policy. Charles C. Johnson got banned from Twitter. The tweet below was the offense.

The tweet above was a neutral tweet. There was no threat.  Deray’s tweet is that of a scared kid. He cannot take criticism. Twitter banned Charles. Is this what free speech has come to? Deray used his influence to get rid of criticism. This is an example of censorship. Twitter’s response is pathetic. Th

Twitter suspended the account of Charles C. Johnson on Sunday after he posted that he had begun to solicit donations that would go toward “taking out” DeRay McKesson, a civil rights activist. – Mashable

The language is vague. This would not hold up in a court of law. A speech case needs a specific threat of violence.  What does “taking out” mean? I do not agree with everything Milo says. I will not agree with everything Charles says. However, that does not mean they should get censored.

Jack, be aware of your lack of consistency. Twitter does not need more drama. Your company is not in a good position to do this. Twitter has lost 20% of its revenue growth. This is a big deal. Twitter: be consistent.

No Man’s Sky Patent Trouble and Valve says no to betting


Today’s Episode

Valve is in a terrible situation. CS:GO is a great game and has made Valve lots of money. However, this betting scandal is not good. It has hurt Valve’s reputation and gained them a lawsuit. The problem is Youtuber’s. The fact that they gamed the system and conned people out of their money is terrible. I do hope some legal action gets taken against them. However, No Man’s Sky is in the news. This time, it’s bad. Sean Murray took a patent and used it in the game. I’m glad the company does not want to halt the release of the game. The problem is, patents are so hard to track, you may never know you are infringing on one.

Great news! Nvidia 1060 is out!

Listen below to find out more!

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Robots and Online Dating


There are plenty of articles about the horrors of online dating. It is written from the perspective of women. They are bad and shows the worst in men. However, it’s funny that there are no articles written about the hilarious adventure of a guy (trying to be a gentleman) dating. It is an adventure full of robots, no answers and wondering… What is all this chemistry talk? It’s no wonder that both sexes love and hate online dating.

Women have to endure the god awful one-liners, or the relentless offers to see a naked picture or asked to send one. It’s a wonder how we ever find each other. I am up for sending smoke signals and seeing who shows up. However, I fear that the California drought would just bring more trouble to this smoke signal plan. So, I must either try the old fashion way or endure the endless stream of dating apps that promise I’ll find the one.

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You can make viral videos and why video matters on social media

viral videos

Today’s Episode

Viral videos, they are what every company wants and some, cannot produce. Everyone tries to go viral and sometimes it works, other times it goes nowhere. There are even some instances that it goes horribly wrong. Making great content can be hard. However, there are some markers that you can use to make your content better. Emotional markers of happiness, surprise, etc. can help make your content stand out. Next time you’re making content be sure to put some emotion in it.

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Pokemon Go gets a DDoS Threat and Twitter gets verified

Pokemon Go

Today’s Episode

Pokemon Go, who would have thought it would be such a huge hit. It’s so big, that hackers want to take it down. Now brace yourself, you will not have it for one day. I know, there’s some tissues in the bathroom. This is a credible threat. Hackers love to do Dedicated Denial of Service attacks. It’s the most common one used. Now, some hackers get more sophisticated in how they do it, but, they still do the same thing.

Great news for people on Twitter! You can now ask to be a verified account. Now, this might now happen to everyone, but, at least the process is easier. This might make more people verified.

Anyways, scroll down to hear the show!

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The Starbucks Effect on Tech


This seems like an odd title, and you’re right. What the hell does Starbucks have with tech? Besides social media, apps. or emojis – nothing. It’s more of an idea that sprouted forth from my caffeinated mind. People generally buy things based on convenience. Even though there could be better products out there, many people believe Starbucks is good coffee.

This is going to hurt, Starbucks is terrible coffee. You’re probably in two camps after that sentence. One, you’re questioning if I’m right; or, you’re nodding in agreement because you know it’s true. The Starbucks effect is in tech too. Most people are tech illiterate. In a world extremely reliant on tech, people do not know how these machines function. Now that I have established an interesting premise for the Google rankings, let’s move the meat of this article.

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Nostalgic with Nintendo Mini! Overwatch new character and rules


Today’s Episode

Nintendo is doing things right. First, it’s popular Pokemon Go and now, Nintendo Mini. Yes, I want to play some classic games. This is great news. Even though we have to wait until November, this Christmas season is going to be awesome! Overwatch announced several changes. Two seems to be pretty good moves. Zenyatta needed a buff. He was easy to kill and this will help make him effective. D. VA is getting a buff too. This should help make her more of a tank. Before, it was easy to deal with her. The best news comes from the competitive scene. Blizzard is not letting teams pick all of a certain character. Only in competitive mode. So quick play those 76s, all day!

Anyways, on with the show!

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Go for Pokemon. Marketers Want in on the Action


Today’s Episode

Once, again I am talking about Pokemon Go. Marketers are wanting in on the action. They see a goldmine in the popular game. Even though I am skeptical about how popular it will remain, there’s big business in it. This idea is not new. Ingress was the predecessor of Pokemon Go. Pokemon is actually an updated version of Ingress. The reason marketers want in is the amount of people playing it right now. There are millions of people playing. It’s more popular than Tinder, Twitter, and has better engagement than Facebook. That’s huge!

However, I do caution that early result can wane. We’ve seen it before. Vine is struggling with that right now. Even though it is an interesting platform. There is not a lot of interest in it anymore. I hope Vine can right the ship, but, I think it may fold into Twitter.

Anyways, on with the show!

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Digital Coffee, on the hunt to catch tech or Pokemon


Today’s Episode

Who knew people wanted to catch virtual pets? Well, Pokemon Go is a hit and people want to it, more than go on dates. So Tinder, you have met your match, and it has swiped left. There were some privacy concerns with Pokemon. The biggest concern was the Google Accounts vulnerability that is patched. However, a senator wants to look at what data is being collected with this game. A game about finding virtual pets in the real world. I get a feeling they need lots of data to know where you are and to show you where to find the next Pokemon. Just be sure to never share your password. Yes, that is now a federal crime. Password sharing is a big no-no to the government!

Now, let’s catch all the tech news down below.

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Gamer’s Cafe talks No Man’s Sky, Evolve and TF2 more like debated!


Today’s Episode

Evolve is an interesting game. It was an interesting concept that was bogged down by numerous DLCs. That lead to gamers no liking the game. It was a mess. Now, the developer has decided to go free-to-play. Hoping this will bring more gamers back. It could and many games have been successful at that, but, we shall see if it works out for Evolve.

The best part of gaming is No Man’s Sky has finally gone gold. What that means, is the game is ready to be sold. So, we can now boldly go and explore a digital space. Woohoo!

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