Digital Coffee is Brewed for Your Week!

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Digital Coffee is Brewed for you this week! Thanksgiving is near and I am thankful for everyone that listens! It has been a passion project for me and I would like to thank everyone for listening. Today’s episode has lots of Google news, RoboRoach is a thing! You can control a roach. The catch is you have to do some surgery and its only for a limited time. RobinHood is welcoming other fintech companies to using its software to buy and trade stocks. This could be a game changer in fintech. Only time will tell if this is a success or not. Youtube for Kids is getting hit with more complaints. Vine has updated its app and added Apple Watch support. WordPress has updated and will open source its program to the community as well. This is a great way to add new features. It can also make WordPress better. The Witcher 3 is half price and this should be on your list to buy. It’s a great game. T-Mobile is going to offer existing customers unlimited LTE data for 3 months. There is a catch, though. Also, gaming news as well. Check out the full episode.



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Star Wars Battlefront Review

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It’s been a decade since Star Wars Battlefront 2. A new developer running the franchise, will this bring Battlefront to new heights? Or will gamers think this is the “Jar Jar Binks” of the franchise.

The Brewer

DICE has been an innovator in sound and graphics design. Their proven experience making amazing first person shooter experiences with the Battlefield series. DICE has brought that experience to the Star Wars brand. They have excelled in those areas. Bringing the Star Wars galaxy to life can be a daunting task. Can DICE meet the expectations of many gamers and fans? Let’s find out!

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Digital Coffee is Brewed for the Weekend!

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Happy Weekend! Digital Coffee is new this weekend. Today I discuss Google+ new design, Google now puts apps in search, Batman gets more bad news, PushBullet gives a guide on how to piss your customers off, Comcast tries a new pricing scheme, Cove is a journal for those that can write, I review Star Wars Battlefront, Google Hangouts lets people use it without an account, and more!


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Digital Coffee, A Brew to Rule Them All!

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It’s a new week and Digital Coffee is back. Battlefront is out and many of you are battling the rebels and imperials alike. I am there too, reviewing the game and trying to have fun. However, the tech news does not stop. Today Airbnb is being sued for copying a French interior designer‘s home. The person claims that Airbnb did not ask for permission. We will see where this goes, but apparently there are copyright laws for rearranging a room. Who knew! Google and Facebook have teamed up to help each other. Yes, this is a deal that seems odd at first, but it’s real a deal for mutual benefits. Twitter is testing out new emoji reactions. So, hearts were not enough! Fallout 4 gets its first game breaking bug and so much more!


Digital Coffee, Brewed to Perfection Weekend Episode

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Digital Coffee, Brewed to Perfection Weekend Episode is all new! This weekend has all the love and drama tech news can offer! Some highlights from the episode: Fallout 4 sold 12 million copies in one day. That’s right Fallout 4 is a big hit! Not a surprising to anyone in the gaming community. However, Jones Soda Co. did not get the message. Yes, the made a special soda for Fallout 4 and to no one’s shock it sold out quickly. Prompting many gamers to complain that they wanted more. It looks like Jones Soda will try to make more! Google updates its map with local guide and offline mode. Youtube releases Youtube Music to no one’s surprise and more!




Digital Coffee Podcast Episode 38

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A new episode of Digital Coffee Podcast is here! Today is a great day because you are here and it’s a new episode. Today’s Highlights:  Snapchat has 6 billion video views, Google is making a mobile CPU, AMD is being sued, Fallout 4 is out and more! Digital Coffee is back on iTunes! Be sure to subscribe. Do not be that person who misses an episode. I could save your tech life ;).



Digital Coffee Weekend Edition

Digital Coffee Weekend Edition, tech news, digital coffee, podcast

Today’s Digital Coffee Weekend Edition Episode:

It’s the weekend! What that means is Digital Coffee Weekend Edition! This weekend has BlizzCon going on. That means more news from Blizzard. Unfortunately, that means Overwatch will not be free. Blizzard did announce that there will be a $40 dollar price tag on the game. Google has acquired Fly Labs. The startup will help make Google Photos even better. Comcast had a leaked memo that confirms, they are still terrible. There is so much more going on. Listen to the rest of the podcast to find out!


Digital Coffee Episode 35 (For Real)

Digital Coffee Weekend Edition, tech news, digital coffee, podcast

It’s Wednesday! That means a new episode of Digital Coffee! Warcraft is finally releasing a movie. Many gamers (including me) are not looking forward to this for one reason. Video game movies are terrible. Will this be the movie that finally makes movies out of video games great? Only time will tell! Facebook is trying to make a transporter by 2025 but it’s not what you think. There is so much more why don’t you find out! Enjoy!