Digital Coffee Episode 35

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Happy Halloween! It’s a new episode of Digital Coffee! There’s quite a bit going on in tech and I have all the juicy updates you need! First off, Batman is back! However, the game is still bugged. Yes, Warner Brothers re-released its buggy game, but it’s not working out too well. Buzz is a self-destructing contact app that gives you security over those nefarious strangers. Facebook is helping local business. Google wants to know if you’re down and now what you think. Periscope is now on Apple TV and One Plus launched a new phone. Plus so much more!



Digital Coffee Episode 33

Digital Coffee Weekend Edition, tech news, digital coffee, podcast

A new episode of Digital Coffee is here! There’s a lot going on, but there is one thing that everyone must be aware of, that is CISPA. The actual long name of it is Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act. This basically gives the government powers to spy on us again. The government increasing does not trust us. They try to pass bills time and again. This needs to stop! Anyways, Facebook has a new update on their Messenger app. FullContact is released on Android. Google is helping people build a tech start-up and more!

I’m so excited for No Man Sky. You should too. Here’s one of their trailers. Enjoy!



We can’t forget Star Wars Battlefront. Are you going to be playing?



Live With Digital Coffee

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Get my first love broadcast here from Mixlr. Starting today I will be doing a once a week live broadcast. Today I was talking about Social Media. Check it out!

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Digital Coffee Weekend Edition

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It’s the Digital Coffee Weekend Edition! That means more of the tech you want! There is a lot of gaming news this weekend, but do not forget that Instagram did launch a new app. Western Digital is buying SanDisk. So much more! So, still back and relax as I take you through the tech news you need to hear! Are you going to download Boomerang by Instagram?

Download Starcraft.

Star Wars Battlefront Trailer:



Digital Coffee History of id Software

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Digital Coffee History of is all new this Thursday. Today we dive into the history of id Software. Yes, the developer that made first person shooters popular. They also made one-word titles popular as well! IF you need more convincing here’s a short list:

  • Wolfenstein
  • Doom
  • Quake
  • Rage

All but one have an influence in how we play first person shooters. So, get ready to rage about how much we are doomed!

What’s your favorite id game? What are some of your favorite moments?


Digital Coffee Episode 32

Digital Coffee is all new! Today I discuss the finer points of tech… or just what I can that will interest you! Facebook is fighting back against the government snooping on you. It will  alert you when the government is totally stalking you. Waze gets a redesign, but interestingly enough, it’s only for iPhone… Waze, you do realize Google owns you right? Also, Google maps now lets you make detours, because who wants to go to work! Lecia is now making cameras that can shoot 4k video and so much more!

Digital Coffee Weekend Edition

Digital Coffee, episode 31, tech, tech news

This is Digital Coffee Weekend Edition or episode 31. This weekend I talk about the Google Play Store redesign. That looks awesome and will be optimized for right-to-left languages. Dropbox did logo redesign too. They join many other companies that have decided to redesign their logo. I do think this year is logo redesign year. LG is updating its G4 phone with the newest Android. One last thing! Have a great weekend!

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Battlefield 4 is Getting a Free Map

Battlefield 4 is set to receive a free map. I know! This rarely happens anymore, but DICE has graced us with a new map. This map is set in the jungle. So, I have to write, “Welcome to the Jungle!” Anyways, this is a great time to get back into the game and it will satisfy people until Star Wars Battlefront beta comes out. Enjoy!