Gamer’s Cafe is wandering the desert in search of a Homeworld – Episode 6

Hey, Everyone! Gamer’s Cafe is wandering the desert in search of a Homeworld! Yes, we are on episode 6 this week and tomorrow Digital Coffee turns 1. Yes, we are still a baby. We need a lot of attention! Anyways, gaming is in an interesting place. While many publishers are still pumping out first person shooters, there are some developers making great games! See the videos below if you want to check out some great games! Today on Gamer’s Cafe I go through the news and I reviewed Homeworld: Desert of Kharak. Here are some of the day’s news highlights:

  • Team Fortress 2 is going competitive
  • GOG is launching their “Early Access”
  • Conan goes to survival school
  • Hard Reset goes redux
  • and more!

Tweetable moments:

  • Homeworld is a strategy game we’ve been waiting for
  • There’s just so much wrong with Battlefront
  • Don’t Torment yourself go get Torment on Steam Early Access now

Link to Fallout New Vegas multiplayer beta.

My score of Homeworld: Desert of Kharak and find out why I gave it that too!

So good! It goes down smooth!

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